Birch Plywood


Birch plywood FK of interior use, sheet size 1525×1525, thickness from 4 to 30 mm is a type of unpolished plywood using synthetic carbamide glue. Plywood of this type has a moderate moisture resistance and environmental friendliness and is the best choice for interior decoration of apartments, the manufacture of wooden packaging, furniture and work with indoor structures.

Available in a variety of grades:

“B” Grade – Selected one piece face generally light and even in color. Occasional small pin knots an some brown streaks may be allowed. No patches are allowed. The majority of the B grade veneers are the equivalent to American select white whole piece faces. This grade is generally used in furniture, cabinets and architectural millwork applications.

“BB” Grade – One piece face generally light and even in color. Occasional sound tight knots are permitted but open knots have been cut out and replaced with patches light and even in color with the rest of the face. There are generally very few patches in this grade. This grade is used for drawer sides, bottoms, backs, kitchen cabinets and die boards.

“CP” Grade – One piece face and very close to a BB face in quality. It allows for hairline splits with putty fill, mineral streaks, small tight knots and more patches in the face than a BB grade. The patches in the face may not be uniform in color to the rest of the panel as is the case with a BB face. This grade is used primarily for laminating veneers to in the furniture,  cabinet and engineered hardwood flooring industries.

“C” Grade – One piece utility grade with open knots and mineral. The panel can be sanded or unsanded. This grade is used for furniture frame stock, crating ,cable reels, carpet strips and container flooring. Generally used in an application where appearance is not important.

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