Fire warning

When everything burns around – it’s scary. All the more terrible when a fire occurs in a forest, on peatlands, covering vast areas.

A dead fire, a burning match thrown on a dry bed of leaves or peat can cause a fire. Moreover, the source of a fire may be tens or hundreds of kilometers from housing, and its scale becomes clear when vast areas of forest are already burning. The smoke from such fires (especially in the open area) is carried by the wind for tens of kilometers.

In order to prevent fires in the natural environment, it is prohibited:

  • – throwing matches in the woods, cigarette butts, glowing rags.
  • – making a fire in dense thickets and young coniferous trees, under low hanging crowns of trees, near timber, peat depots, in close proximity from ripened crops.
  • – Leave spontaneous-inflammable material in the forest: a rag and rags soaked in oil, gasoline, glassware that in sunny weather can focus the sunbeam and ignite dry vegetation.
  • – burn dry grass in forest glades, gardens, fields, trees mi.
  • – set fire to reeds.
  • – make a fire in windy weather and leave it unattended.
  • – leave a fire burning after leaving the parking lot.

    When a wildfire is detected, try to eliminate the source of fire with your own efforts; If this fails, quickly leave the danger zone. Be sure to report the location of the fire in the LLC “Ivanovo timber industry company”; forest area:

    8-930-340-63-90; 8 (49 346) 2-15-02 – Pestiakovsky District of the Ivanovo Region

    8-930-342-31-47; 8 (49 334) 2-14-66 – Palekh district, Ivanovo region

    8-920-352-17-27; 8 (49 347) 2-75-27 – Yuzhsky District, Ivanovo Region
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